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School Brief History

Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepcion - St. Pius X Institute

The history of the Congregation of “Hijas de Jesus” in the Philippines can be traced to the arrival of the first missionary group of the Hijas de Jesus on June 27, 1932 at the invitation of the most Rev.Micheal J. Doherty Archbishop of Manila.

There were six Sisters sent by Mother General Eloisa Andres, F.I. who arrived in Pototan, Iloilo on July 13, 1932. They were warmly welcomed by the Pototanos headed by Bishop James McClosky of Jaro and Msgr. Marcelino Guanco, parish Priest of Pototan. These religious leaders provided of the Sisters with their immediate needs.

1932-1941:   The Sisters established their relationship with the people lived in a huge convert of the Parish of Pototan. The Parish Schools was opened in 1932 with 20 students and had its first four (4) highs schools graduates in 1938.

1941-1945:    World War II broke out in the Philippines on December 8, 1941. When the Japanese invaders burned the Parish Church and the Parish School on October 18, 1942, the Sisters were sheltered at Assumption Convent and in Asilo de Molo, run by the Daughters of Charity; until the American Liberation on March 19, 1945.

1945-1957:  After the war, the Sisters returned to Pototan, built nipa-bamboo structures and resumed classes. In 1947, two magnificent edifices rose to replace the temporary classrooms. The Hijas de Jesus celebrated their 25 years silver jubilee in the Philippines in 1957.

1958-1969:  This war a Marian Year which was highlighted by various celebrations. There were progresses in the school like the construction of additional floor for the main buildings revitalization of the parents-Teachers Association, and the increase of enrolment. Retreats and recollections were intensified and the school’s spiritual life grew deeper. In 1967, CICI had its first Filipina Superior.

1970-1983: This was a period for religious renewal of the Sisters in line with the spirit of the Second Vatican Council. In this year, the auditorium/gymnasium was constructed. A dormitory was also built for the board and lodging of student nurses and also CIC students and teachers from distant barrios and towns.

CIC celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1982. The celebration lasted for four days and the whole town joined in the spirit of thanksgiving. This was also the time when the chapel was renovated- and in the following year, the construction of the Grade School nine-classroom building was completed.


1984-1991: In 1989, a fire due to a faulty wiring destroyed the main building. For two years, students suffered so many inconveniences; and with the generosity of the general government, the building was reconstructed and completed in 1990.

1992-2000: The quest for quality education gave way for the establishment of more facilities and infrastructures. CIC was the venue of the first national Education Congress of the various Hijas de Jesus Schools in the Philippines. It was also in this period that the open stage/CAT office was constructed through the generosity of the PTA.

On July 6, 1993, the church declared Mo. Candida Maria de Jesus as “Venerable”.

A thanksgiving mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Maurillo Silva, an alumnus. In 1994, two more classrooms were added in the Grade School Department. In this year, also, computer subject was integrated in the school curriculum. On May 12, 1996 in Rome, Pope John Paul II declared both Candida Maria de Jesus and venerable Antonia Bandres “Blessed”

2001 Present: In January, 2001, a three storey building equipped with beautifully painted classrooms, comfort rooms and laboratories was constructed. On May 2-4, 2003, the first General Assembly for the Re-Organizational Renewal of the Hijas de Jesus all over the Philippines was convened at Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepcion.

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